I apologize for the delayed update. I am going to bypass the unnecessary details concerning our arrival and record some basic observations.

It is our third day in South Asia and I am thoroughly enjoying my experience thus far. The first three days are a blur of outdoor markets, auto rickshaws and coffee shops.

We mostly shopped at the outdoor market for our traditional clothing, however I really enjoyed the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture.
I got in an argument with an auto rickshaw driver. He knew my price and I was not paying the “skin tax”.
I don’t feel like I’m in the initial phase of culture shock. I’m quite aware of the incessant beggars, leering men, and excessive horn use. However, there truly is no place like it.

After breakfast, we ventured to a local coffee shop, Café Coffee Day, where we spent time in the Word and journaling.
At 12:23pm I was the first of my traveling companions to succumb to Delhi Belly. Don’t worry Mom, my team leader purchased medicine and I haven’t had another episode. The parasite residing in my body has met his match.
DESTINATION DELHI: A scavenger hunt throughout the entire city. My team will win because a) we have more points and b) our secret weapon is a song about our competition set to the tune of “A Whole New World” from the Aladdin soundtrack. I hope Joe is reading this and gritting his teeth.
We dined at Ruby Tuesdays after completing a class assignment, which required conducting surveys with locals. I was grateful for the chicken tenders.
After a dangerous ride home in an auto rickshaw, I am considering installing a pacemaker upon my return to the states. I spent the duration of the trip with my head buried in Cara’s neck. I heard something about “barely avoiding a head-on collision” after we got out.

Friday (Today)
Our morning was spent in training for the children’s camp we will facilitate next week. “Storying” is an interesting task and I will explain more at another time. I am sweating Niagara Falls down my back so I intend to make a quick exit from the Internet Café.
Dr. Thom took us on a tour of a Hindu and a Sikh temple. I am still processing what we witnessed.
I am currently reading through the Gospel of Luke (thank you Erin), and it is a surreal experience as I step into the streets swarmed with the beggars and handicap. Again, I will divulge more thoughts when I am not so hungry or sweaty… or at least hungry.

I really should end this short post. I apologize for my failure to blog regularly but I would rather spend my time in the city than on the computer. THANK YOU for your continual encouragement through prayers, financial donations, e-mails and letters. My gratitude is repetitive but it isn’t artificial.


tyler hoehne said...

Its so good to her from you. hope you feel better.

janelle said...

it is so encouraging to read your reactions and observations as i felt much of the same emotions and experienced the "culture shock" very similarly. and you're right, there is no place like it. despite everything you may come to despise about it (or at least dislike, despise is a strong word) you can't help but love it all the same. the hindu and sikh temples was one of the most difficult things for me to process. learn as much from thom and linda as you can while you're there. i regret not seeking to glean their wisdom more while i had the chance.

ok, these are my lengthy random thoughts. keep the posts coming. love and prayers.

kim said...

hey. that is so awesome! i love hearing about your time. keep up the good work :)

Stacey said...

Thanks for finally posting... I was getting a little anxious. I'm going to email you some thoughts I have, rather than list them all here. I LOVE YOU

Stacey said...

Thanks for finally posting... I was getting a little anxious. I'm going to email you some thoughts I have, rather than list them all here. I LOVE YOU

Erin said...

Amy Susan, I am glad you are doing so well. And I applaud your effort to spend more time on the streets and less time in front of a computer, though it IS great to hear from you. Hope you feel better, gatorade will probably become your best friend (it was mine!). Spend some time with that moleskine and be ready for a coffee date sometime in January. ;) LOVE YOU!

jules said...

i miss you and am praying for you. i must say, im so impressed that you can make me laugh even when i am not in your presence. its truly a gift.
i know you are writing everything down, so im excited to hear more when you get back...