This is the maiden voyage of my photo blog entries. Kathi Lee Gifford gave a lovely speech and broke a bottle of champagne against my computer screen. It is time to embark on a visual adventure.

This is India, according to my Kodak EasyShare Camera and I.

Lajput Nagar (market).
Street children collecting trash.
This tree is sacred. I'm not sure how it achieved such status... I should research that. Expect an answer in my next photo blog.
You can never have too many bangles in India.My lovely teammates (Cara & Stephanie) and I in our traditional clothing.
I took this picture outside of a temple.
I met these boys after we left the temple... it's obvious why I took their picture.I like to give back to the community.
India Gate: a WWII memorial for British & Indian soldiers.
Allow me to introduce you to Govime. He has an incredible smile and contagious enthusiasm.
I was challenged about sincere gratitude by these two girls. We (Cara, Aimee, Joe & I) stumbled across this while wandering around the city. Someone is buried in there... I don't know who, but I assume they're important. Our driver stopped to get water so I took advantage of the moment.
My jet lag is quickly setting in. I will post more pictures throughout this week and perhaps share my thoughts on returning home.