A week from today (168 hours) I arrive in South Asia. While answering questions at the doctor's office today, I realized the quickly approaching date. My thoughts are scattered.
  • My anticipation steadily increases as I read the updates of the first team. They've discovered numerous opportunities to work and learn; I hope our team is similarly blessed.
  • I don't want to face my inevitable opponents: stomach illness & dehydration.
  • My mom is nervous. It's difficult to acknowledge that I am asking her to endure a level of anxiety I will not fully comprehend until I've experienced motherhood.
  • I don't feel nervous or afraid, however I am somewhat confused regarding my expectations of our trip. I am embarking on a three week journey without an upfront detailed agenda. Perhaps, this is a comfort I must do without. I hope my Moleskine does not take it personally. The transition into "green" necessitates flexibility.
  • Is it strange that I considered purchasing men's Arm & Hammer deodorant while at the grocery store tonight? I have accepted that I am going to sweat profusely, although I do not believe it is necessary to display my self-regulating body temperature. My team will appreciate the distinctly "Shower Fresh" musky scent originating from my underarms.
  • I really like my team. I'm excited to pursue this opportunity with them. They're so easygoing and fun. It is a pleasant surprise.
  • Does anyone know if the iTunes store has added "Felicity" to their catalog of television shows? I would like to view Sophomore and Junior Year during my flight.
It's 1:15am and I have a full to-do list for Tuesday. Thank you for your generous support and encouragement; your partnership sustains me, as I expect it to continue to do so throughout this next month.


tyler hoehne said...

So i was thinking and the only thing i can think of that i want, is a rickshaw. see what you can do about that, thanks.

RobinDayle said...

Boyd! You have a blog! Yesss....

Also...Secret clinical strength...it's new, about 8-10 bucks, and works very very well. It comes in a box in the deodorant isle.

I love you and I'm excited for you. :-)

jules said...

im so excited that you have a blog! i miss your wit, sarcasm and brilliance. i think it is so interesting to be able to read the insights into peoples lives. and a person's writings are just another intimate aspect of their expressions and character. i look forward to being a fan of amysboyd :)

Chappy (Boo) said...

Thank you for starting a blog! I'm so excited to keep updated on your life...you should blog after South Asia too. cause I am moving away and that way I can stalk you by reading your blog all the time!

jeremy phillips said...

tomorrow is the big day...
i'm jealous you get to go.
i'll see you in the morning.

Stacey said...

I'm sorry I missed your call last night. I love you and will miss you these next three weeks. Please be safe and take care of yourself; I still want my boo around. I'm glad your moleskine will be accompany you--always a good buddy. kissses.