I've decided to create a theme for each photo blog. This entry is everyday India. I encountered these scenes while walking around our neighborhood or shopping at the local market. Perhaps you will begin to understand why I've said there is no place quite like it.

One of several apparel / textile shops at Lajput Nagar. I really like wearing kurtas (womens' shirts).I usually picked up a copy of Newsweek and / or India Today (TIME was too expensive). The inescapable reality of social stratification.Henna tattoos are a staple of the Indian woman's wardrobe (I got one too).
This is near Lajput Nagar. An apartment complex in New Delhi.
Needless to say, I missed "The Free Spirit" terribly. Cows are e v e r y w h e r e . (In case you didn't know, the Hindu majority worships cows).
Despite the prevalence of vegetarianism, McDonald's thrives. I am ashamed to admit that I ate here repeatedly... and no, they do not serve beef. Our most popular form of transportation: the auto rickshaw. I should devote a blog entry to describing the experience. Too much traffic. Too few traffic laws.
I'll post videos in the next few days. I cannot guarantee their educational value, however they are quite amusing (i.e. a tipped over auto-rickshaw). Type at you soon enough.

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kins said...

social stratification huh? I miss you boyd... and the soc days