A few important dates to remember:
Happy Birthday to my brother, Brian (6/5)
Congratulations to my newly married roommate, Erin (6/9)
Happy Birthday to my friend, Melissa (6/16)

I don't feel like posting but I should because tomorrow is Tuesday and the businesses will be closed. If you are watching the news, you might be aware of the strikes here. The main roads are closed, hindering our work in the villages but everyone is fine. The team is doing really well. We plan to spend our day in the city and tour another temple before class. I apologize for my inability to convey my experience; it is alot to process in a short amount of time.

I will type at you in a few days.

P.S. A few of you asked about my blog titles; each number has a meaning. Fifteen is the amount of ruppees I pay to use the internet for a half hour.


emily ann said...

hi amy! i hope you are enjoying your time out there. im praying for you and your team. miss ya!

janelle said...

another important date to remember:

happy birthday to your friend janelle (6/10)

love and prayers (and jealousy),

Erin said...

Amy Susan - word on the street is that it is two degrees cooler than hell over there in India (approximately 117*). My prayers are with you. Hope you're feeling better, and thanks for remembering me in your post. I feel honored! I will be missing you on Saturday, but I would not have you anywhere else other than where you are. LOVE!